There are so many people in our world that rely on music to help them through their day. Countless individuals who have recognized the power of the right music in the right situation. A song with a strong beat to power through a workout, a soothing lullaby to help a child drift off to sleep, or a motivational track to get you ready for a big event. There is a certain amount of power and influence in the right music. What if music could do even more? What if it could actually increase your focus, your memory and your ability to concentrate?

There are several studies that have found that this is actually true. That the right music, that uses the right types of rhythms can actually help listeners stay more alert and relaxed. In other words, it helps them stay more focused. This idea stems from the findings that Alpha waves are predominantly found in healthy and relaxed individuals.[1]

Could Music Be The Answer To Focus?

This is where music comes in. Music containing an Alpha or similar binaural beat can be found in beautiful melodies and harmonies, it can be woven into music without notice, and it can actually have a significant impact on a person’s brain. With an Alpha music stimulus, the right beats and sounds can actually impact the rhythms of a person’s EEG patterns in the brain. In one particular study[2] from the BMS College of Engineering, researchers found that the right type of music can actually change the rhythm of the brain’s waves in a very natural way.

In this particular study, the brain waves not only changed, putting participants in a different state of studying. They decreased the participants’ feelings of stress, gave them an increased sense of physical relaxation and helped them experience the focus, or “relaxed alertness” needed to prevent the mind from wandering.

As anyone with a wandering mind knows, the inability to focus can be extremely stressful. You may have the intent to be productive and efficient, only to find that you are unable to focus the mind in on what you need to accomplish. Now, even more experts are finding that listening to these very specific beats can actually help individuals eliminate distractions.

How does it work?

These Alpha or binaural auditory beats are actually two beats of slightly different frequencies that are presented to the left and right years at the same time.[3] When the brain processes these sounds, it has a significant impact on its functional connectivity. It can help enhance cognitive performance[4] and even reduce extreme stress and anxiety.[5] In short, it can help the brain function better.

One of the best things about these studies on binaural beats, focus and concentration is that those who want to actually experience the power of this musical influence, don’t need to go to labs or participate in studies. Since the process of adding this type of beat into a harmony or melody is so seamless, there are actually ways that you can start listening to concentration-improving music without realizing that you are influencing your brain’s waves.

Here at FocusTheMind.co we have developed the specifically formulated audio that listeners need in order to improve their focus, memory and concentration. This binaural music sounds just like any other relaxing song, but it features these powerful audio waves that help your mind focus. You can start improving your focus and concentration each and every day, all you need to do is to start listening.

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