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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a free trial entail?

Our free trial includes 100% access to your own Focus The Mind Dashboard with Music Player. Make the most of it by utilizing the focus timer and page blocker! Each week, you’ll get access to 2 new albums to download and keep.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, this is risk-free. Cancel at any time during your free trial and you won’t be charged anything! And after your trial period has ended, we offer a 30 day no questions asked refund for all transactions.

What if I can’t focus?

Try changing the genre, experiment with different energy levels and volume! We offer 6 exclusive genres. We encourage all of our trial members to explore our variety of genres to find what works for their individual brain type.

What Our Users Are saying:

“…can be difficult not to let my mind go down its own path, especially when reading a book for a second time, but your music really helps me stay focused and I find I can work better and for longer periods at a time.”

- Betsy H

“I do technical support @ a regional bank and my technical problem to issue resolution ratio has improved quite markedly since using the soundtracks.”

- Kris Pryo

Questions? Mail us: hey@focusthemind.co